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One-On-One Training

Develop your skills in a professional learning environment either one lesson at a time or in a NCBA package of lessons. All lessons are private, disciplined, and constructive. All instructors are trained and certified in the methods and philosophies of NCBA to ensure each player receives the same quality instruction each and every lesson. Progressive teaching methods are supported by drill work and a NCBA worksheet evaluation after each lesson.



mlb-is-the-standardThe Hall of Fame Lesson (HOF)

Taught by former major league pitcher, Scott Bankhead. Lesson packages include video analysis, worksheets, radar gun readings and a free T-shirt.
(Pitching only)


The World Series (WS)

The World Series Lesson Packages include hitting, pitching, fielding & catching.

Taught by:
  • Mike Whitten , 4 year college player (ECU) and professional player (Florida Marlins).
  • Justin Tubb, 4 year college player (Radford), 4 year college coach (Radford and Danville CC)
  • Jeff Guerrie, 4 year college player (Greensboro College)

Lesson packages include Right View Pro Hitting Analysis,
worksheets and drill work.

Lesson Rates

NCBA offers the most experienced, qualified and only Major League trained staff in the region. All lesson plans and teaching methods mirror those being used by Major College Baseball Programs and Professional Baseball Organizations. NCBA guarantees improvements through our tried and true systematic teaching protocols.


 Instructor 30 Minute 60 Minute
4-30 Minute
8-30 Minute
4-60 Minute
 Scott Bankhead
$65 N/A $250 $480 N/A
Mike Whitten
 $50 $95 $190 $360 $360
Justin Tubb
$50 $95 $190 $360 $360
Jeff Guerrie
$50 $95 $190 $360 $360

*Scott Bankhead lessons are the HALL of FAME LEVEL and include video analysis, radar readings and a NCBA T-Shirt (packages only). All other instructors are the WORLD SERIES LEVEL and hitting packages include RVP Video Analysis which allows comparisons to Major League Hitters.

major-leagueWorld Series with Right View Pro Technology

Major League Hitting Mechanics is what the RVP teaches. The basis for
hitting instruction at NCBA is the Major League Swing! Regardless of
style all the best hitters in the world have common denominators in
their swings that make them the BEST! Lesson packages compare you side
by side with the best- sign up today and see for yourself!!

Right View Pro may be added to any Single lesson for an additional $20 but it is included in the Packages.