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NCBA ClubsWhat are the North Carolina Baseball Academy Baseball Clubs, Inc?

The NCBABCI was started in the fall of 2001 as a non-profit organization designed to help develop and prepare the area’s top youth baseball talent. The focus and goals of the program are centered on the individuals’ development and not on winning at all costs. Our first goal is to improve each player’s fundamental skills in the game through proven on-the-field practice regimens, drill work, and quality repetitions. All coaches are required to learn the curriculum and teaching philosophies set forth and documented in our coaches certification program. This ensures each player receives the same high quality of instruction and coaching. Secondly, our program facilitates fund-raising efforts for all teams to allow for no out-of-pocket expenses for uniforms, tournament entries, and team equipment. Third, NCBABCI organizes and provides administrative duties for all teams. This service includes team organization of rosters, birth certificates and entries into all tournaments as well as monitoring all team bank accounts. This type administration allows the entire focus of the players, coaches and parents to be on baseball.

What do you mean by "take your game to the next level?"

The type program you play in is critical to the continued overall development you seek as a baseball player. Our staff of coaches and instructors at North Carolina Baseball Academy have the most experience at the very top levels of the game of any baseball program in the state of North Carolina. Our facilities, with three practice fields and a 17,000 square foot indoor training center are second to none. Team practice and player development happen at NCBA 12 months a year. Choosing NCBABCI is your first step in realizing all your goals as a baseball player.

What is the North Carolina Baseball Academy?

North Carolina Baseball Academy is truly the finest and most credible baseball training facility in the state of North Carolina. The Academy was founded nine years ago by 13 year Major League Player Scott Bankhead, to make available to the public the most advanced baseball training regimens from major college baseball programs and major league baseball organizations. NCBA’s state of the art facilities and individualized training programs provide an environment that guarantees improvement for baseball players of all ages and ability levels. Since opening the doors nine years ago, NCBA has helped thousands of young men improve their skill levels and to reach their maximum baseball potential, with over 170 players moving on to the college game. Our staff members are trained and certified to guarantee that player development is accelerated in the proper learning environment and by proven training methods.

What type player is the NCBABCI looking for?

NCBABCI is looking for the serious, dedicated , committed and talented athlete. We are also looking for the player that has parents that support them and the team they play for realizing that the program has their best interests in mind at all times.

Why is NCBABCI different? 

NCBABCI is all about player development. Our teams have been successful each year by allowing the individuals on each team to improve through our proven practice regimens and drill work. Team members are selected at tryouts and then hold a spot on that team year to year based on commitment to the program as a team player.

Who coaches the Teams?

NCBABCI interviews any person wishing to coach a team. The coach must agree and commit to following the coaches certification program designed by NCBA and its staff of professional teachers. The coach must be a person that relates well with young players and their parents. Coaches also understand that it is not the philosophy of the program to belittle or degrade players at any time based on performance on the field. Respect is given to the game by the coaches and players alike.

How are the Team Practices Organized?

Each team has access to all the facilities at NCBA. Coaches are responsible for implementing in each practice the correct mechanics and drill work routines necessary to accelerate the development of each player on the team. Our certification program outlines all facets of the game. Individual and team fundamentals are the focus of each practice.

What type of facilities does NCBA provide? 

The best! NCBA has three practice fields on our 12-acre campus site for ages 9-17. Our fields are of professional quality and grade and are maintained daily to ensure the best of field conditions at every practice. Our indoor facility is 17,000 square feet with indoor batting cages, 6,100 square foot training center, strength and conditioning facility and Pro Shop.

Does NCBA guarantee improvement? 

Yes! And we say that with no hesitation. All our practice routines and drills are designed around those used by major college and top professional organizations. Individual player improvement is our goal!

NCBA Baseball Clubs requires a Membership Fee to join our teams!

NCBABCI is a non-profit organization started by NCBA. NCBABCI must cover expenses related to the director of the travel team program, accountant fees, and upkeep of facilities. All membership fees are the property of NCBABCI and are used to better the baseball experience of all teams. Each season requires a $250 membership fee. This membership fee gives each team member full use of facilities.

What NCBA Baseball Clubs does for you!

  • Provides professional grade facilities indoors and outdoors.
  • Facilitates fund raising for all teams
  • Manages all team accounts, paperwork and tournament entries.
  • Provides 10 batting cage tokens per player daily.
  • Provides 10% discount on all merchandise.
  • Provides each new team member with a new bat bag, and team batting helmet.
  • Designs, sizes and orders all team uniforms and team equipment
  • Handles all team or individual disputes
  • Requires all coaches be certified and trained by NCBA staff to ensure quality instruction and practice.

What’s NEW for the 2012/2013 Season

NCBABCI has added Sports Performance Training/Power D1 Training, Instructor lead Team Practices, and Team Hitting Sessions as a mandatory requirement for teams 10U-17U starting in the fall of 2012/2013. Additional money will be raised and added to all team budgets to cover the expense. This added value will help accelerate the development and overall athletic ability of each team member.